An introduction to the Design Studio

Close Tab/Page

Just click on the on the "X" to close the page tab you have finished editing.

Page Tab




This shows all the pages you have opened in the editing studio. The tab which is not slightly greyed out is the current page you are working on.


This link takes you out of your website studio editing area and back to the original page you came to after you logged in.


Click on this link or the (+) sign to open your website menu and list of all the pages on your website, published, unpublished, hidden and password protected. Click to learn more about managing your Pages and Navigation and Page SEO in this area.


Open this to add and edit your blogs


This will connect you to the backend of your store where you can do everything you need to do to add, edit and manage your products, sales, discounts, promotions and customer sales, not only on your website, but can also manage and create eBay, Facebook and Amazon stores. To Find out more click here.

Undo / Redo



If you change your mind about a content edit, you can click here to go back 1 step. Or if you change your mind again, you can go forward 1 step to reinstate your last change.






The studio automatically saves all changes you make. 

There is a small icon in the upper right corner of the studio to alert you if your site is saved. And any changes you make in the studio, will trigger the site to save. 

You are also able to hover your mouse over the icon to check when the last successful save was. 

Content / Preview



The Content button is where you edit your website and the Preview lets you see what your changes will look like before you 'Publish' your work live to your website. However, your customers will NOT be able to see your changes until you click 'Publish'. 




When you click this any and all changes you have made in this session or any other previous session will be become live on your website. If there are pages with changes you don't want you customers to see yet, then you would be advised to duplicate the relevant page/s  and set them as 'hidden'. To find out more about how to do this then go to the Pages and Navigations tutorials.

CMS editing studio, Page Tabs, low cost website design
CMS low cost editable website
CMS low cost editable website
CMS low cost editable website

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