How To Edit Your Website

How To Edit Forms

Forms are used to obtain information the site visitor might want to provide, such as contact details and answers to online surveys, and register to events.

When a site visitor fills a form and clicks its Send button, a message is sent to a user-defined set of email addresses. In addition, the message is stored in the dashboard's Inbox. The message contains the information provided by the user.

You can add the email address and change the message sent on the right side panel when selecting the form element

First click on the form area, as defined here by the light blue border. This then shows the general editable properties for your form, in the 'Properties - Form' panel, as follows:

Send Notification Email To

Here you can change the target email, your want your customer queries to be sent to. You can even add additional target email addresses or delete them

Notification Email Subject

This is the message that will automatically appear in the sender and the target recipients email subject box, allowing you to quickly see which form generated the enquiry, unless the send changes this in their own email.

Send Notification Email To

This allows you the target recipient to quickly see exactly where the enquiry has come from, the specific page, or name of the form. Very useful when you have multiple forms on you website, or specific promotion, events, or surveys. etc.

Confirmations Options




This dropdown menu allows you to decide whether your customers see confirmation that the form has been sent by either a 'Message On Page' in place of the form (see example below), or you 'Redirect them to Link' on either another page on the website, or even a different website.

Form Text Labels

All these can be changed by clicking on the text, highlighting and changing in the same way normal text changes are made. Click here to find out how to edit text.

What sort of functionality can your form have?


When briefing your designer, please ensure you tell them exactly what you want from your form, because while you can edit the content of the form, you cannot add fields to the form, but you can still edit them. This has to be done by the designer, to ensure that your forms and customer's enquiries reach you successfully.

Form Elements

You can have a range of different fields depending on your requirements, these include; Text Fields both single line and multiple line, Dropdown select fields for multiple choose options, Checkboxes and Radio Buttons again for multiple choose options, Shape boxes more of  design feature, Images boxes, and Text boxes for when you have to add instructions, etc.

Element functionality:


Your designer can decide whether the senders typing direction from left to right or vice versa


Fields can be changed to "multi line" to allow for long message fields


Options to have the form check the validity of the entry in the live website. For example, if you select E-Mail, the form will expect the visitor to enter the “at” @ character and a period. If not, an error message is displayed and the visitor is required to enter the data in the correct format.

Field Space

This option sets the left margin of the data entered in the live website.

Predefined Text

Entering some text that will appear inside the text field as the user opens the form. This can be a help text that shows the user what to enter. For example, "Enter your name here".

Required Field

If you check this box the site will not send the form if this filed is not filled, and will display an error message.

Error Message

If the user tries to send the form without entering data in a required field, the error message appears next to the relevant field.

The message will not appear as default in the published site, it will appear only if the field has not been filled in correctly.

Multiple choice fields

All multiple choice fields (dropdown, checkbox, radio button) have the same settings, the main editable feature are the options of the field, they can be edited in the "items" list on the right side panel when the field box is selected.


This article will explain how to edit your existing website forms.

The following shows the choice of functionality you can have when building your form - this additional functionality can only supplied and added by your designer:

Here to ensure nothing stops you from succeeding.

Simple is as simple does, with our easy step by step, code-free knowledge base to help you edit your website.‚Äč

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