> How To Add New Blogs

Learn how to create a new blog page and add image and text content.​ ...Read more

> How To Manage Your Blog Posts

The Manage Posts page is where you can edit the status of your posts, pin a post to the top of your feed, add categories and much more.... Read more

> How To Manage Your Blog Feed

Learn how to edit and manage your Blog home page which lists all your approved blogs for your site visitor to scan and click through to... Read more


> How To Manage Your Blog Properties

The Blog Properties allows you to edit, preview, add new posts, set; visibility, categories, alternate displays and commenting facility... Read more

Blogs are a great way to tell your customers and followers about the sort of things that interest you and you think might be of interest to followers of your brand. They also are great for SEO, because it is an area of your website, which (hopefully) is constantly and regularly being updated with NEW content ...and Google loves new content that is is RELEVANT to your website/brand!

Here to ensure nothing stops you from succeeding.

Simple is as simple does, with our easy step by step, code-free knowledge base to help you edit your website.​

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