How to edit text and text links

Inserting images in to text blocks.

With the Insert Image option, you can insert an image into the text paragraph. This tool enables you to upload or replace image file, set title, determine the image's proportions and the text alignment around the image.





  1. Simply click and place your cursor wherever in the text you want the image to start.
  2. Click on the button with the "picture" image button in the text editor (shown above).
  3. Click upload (shown below) and choose the correct image from computer
  4. Adjust the size if your know hat you want it to be in the W (width) or H (height), one or other, as it will automatically adjust proportionally. Or if you don't know the size you want it yet then you can adjust it after upload, by double-clicking on the image and again adjusting it it the boxes shown in the Image Properties panel below.
  5. Then give it a Title in the text field shown below
  6. Set alignment
  7. Click Save and you're done, the image will appear in your text box. ...Simple!

Adding Text Links

When adding a text Link, you can choose from several options. The content of the Link Properties window will change according to you choice (see images below): 

URL. External link address for a page on a different website.

Anchor. If you want set an anchor element in the page, you’ll be able to select it here. This is for when you want your website visitor to be able click on an image, text or sub heading and the page automatically scrolls down to where a relevant piece of information is and is useful particularly on long pages with lots of content, to save your site visitors spending time trying to find the specific content they are looking for (for example, click here and watch watch what happens). Anchors points are set on elements by your Design SoSimple designer. Email Support to add anchor points to elements you want visitors you want to be able scroll to.

Email. Set a link to a specific email address, and you can add the subject and even the content of the email; "...I would like to enquire about..." for example.

Page. Link to a page within the website.

File. Upload a file and enable users to access it through a link in the website.


In the Target menu, you can select how you’d like the link to open: Within the same page, in a different tab or in a pop-up window.​

When setting a link, you can also select it’s style from the available styles. You can create and add your own custom style for links. This is something that we will be able to do using the the Paragraph Styles window and the Paragraph Properties panel.​

If you leave the style as default, it will look like this​:

To change it, double click on your link to re-open the Link Properties window. And using the Style dropdown choose your desired paragraph style.​

For more detailed information about the different kinds of links from elements, images, apps and text, click here.

The Paragraph Styles window (below) allows you to apply different styles set by your designer to the text, to maintain a cohesive look and brand feel to your website, so that all headlines and body text etc, looks the same throughout the website and not a complete mess of different colours sizes and fonts.

  1. Simply double-click and highlight an the text you want to change (as shown above), then with you mouse scroll over the paragraph styles (shown below) to preview what that style will look like and watch it change as you scroll.
  2. Then once you've chosen a style you like, simply click on that style and the text will automatically change. It's that simple!

PLEASE NOTE: Editing text using the Paragraph Styles will change the format of all the words in that particular whole paragraph or headline and not just the specific word or words highlighted. So it you just word to change the colour, weight, italicise or underline a specific word or words within a paragraph, then use the text editing bar (above) and situated at the top or bottom of your text box, by highlight the relevant text and clicking the one of these button, this way we give you as many options as you could possibly want.

The Paragraph Properties section (below) on the Design Panel allows you to set the specific design properties for each style and override the the designers preset text Paragraph Styles. We do not recommend this, otherwise your website could end up as an unreadable mess of different sizes and colours, not in keep with your brand style, guidelines and values, not to mention possibly making the website ugly, difficult and unpleasant to read for your customers.

  1. a. The Paragraph Styles for quick and easy editing, as described above.
  1. b. This shows which Paragraph Style is applied to the highlighted area of text.
  2. Dropdown menu showing the fonts available to you.
  3. This shows the choices of weights available to you in the font chosen above.
  4. Here you can change the size of the highlighted text.
  5. Change the spacing between each of the text characters.
  6. This changes the spacing between each line of text.
  7. Change the font colour here, but this will change the colour of the whole paragraph of text. To change the colour of individual words, use the underlined 'A' in the text editor, as shown at the top of the page.
  8. Use this to add in indent into the first line of a highlighted paragraph.
  9. This adds line-space above and between the highlighted paragraph/s.
  10. This adds line-space below and between the highlighted paragraph/s.

  11. This adds the following character styles, from right to left to the highlighted text;  (a) Changes highlighted characters to italic, (b) transforms the first character of each word to uppercase, (c) transforms all characters to uppercase, (d) Transforms all characters to lowercase, (e) underlines characters, (f) puts a line-through highlighted characters.

  12. Changes paragraph alinement, as follows; (a) Justified, (b) alined-left (c) centred, (d) alined-right.

  13. This changes text to run from left to right text and right to left text.


The Text Editor allows you to; change or add text content, add images within the text, add text links to other pages within your website, links to other website or email, and you can even change the look weight, font, size and colour of the font, as well as adding bullet, or numbered text and removing all formatting from the text.

In the following example,we have marked a section of the text and made it BoldItalic and Underlined. These are settings you can give to individual words within the paragraph.

  1. Firstly highlight the text in the text box, where you want the clickable link to come from (as above).

  2. Then click on the chain-link button in the text editor (shown above), then choose the appropriate LinkTo"  from the top of the Link Properties panel below.

Here to ensure nothing stops you from succeeding.

Simple is as simple does, with our easy step by step, code-free knowledge base to help you edit your website.​

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